24k Rose & Loyalty Co. Nothing outshines it as the perfect gift! Home Products About Us Testimonials Contact Us Marketing & Pricing About Us The 24 Karat Rose Co. began as a subsidiary of Greffin Jewelers in Minneapolis, MN. Greffin Jewelers was well known in the Twin Cities for its custom design jewelery and extraordinary customer service since it opened in 1974. In 1994, Greffin Jewelers first offered the gold dipped rose to its customers at Mothers Day. With professionally designed marketing and upscale packaging, the roses were an instant hit! Within two years, Greffin Jewelers was selling 1,000 gold and lacquered roses a year and making double the profit on roses as compared to what it was making on loose diamonds. Not only was profit being made, but 1,000 new male customers were being drawn through the doors of Greffin Jewelers which resulted in many high ticket sales being made. Forty percent of these new purchasers became long term customers. With this level of success, Greg Greffin, the owner of Greffin Jewelers, decided to offer the roses and his marketing package to other jewelers nationwide and created 24 Karat Rose Co. Today, the 24 Karat Rose Co. serves over 1,200 retail jewelers that offer the roses to their customers. Underlying the success of the gold dipped and lacquered rose is the fact that men will always show their commitment by giving a rose to the woman they love. Visit 24 Karat Rose Co.